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About Us Happyness Factory

Harnessing our deep understanding of the economic life stages, money behavior and financial aspirations of a doctor, we seek to know what makes you truly happy.

Happyness Factory then works to help you plan, save, invest and be disciplined in achieving financial goals, ensuring that you stop at nothing but a Happy Rich life!

80,000 Doctors, including 150 Top Surgeons have benefitted from our domain knowledge, many of whom are our clients.


When it comes to planning your finances, 'What not to do' is as important as knowing 'What to do'.
That's why we are always there for you, as your Personal Financial Coach
We help you to...

  •   Get a clear picture of your current financial reality
  •   Create a holistic plan to meet your financial goals
  •   Avoid costly investment mistakes and reduce leakages
  •   Choose investment options suited to your risk appetite
  •   Ensure you stick to plan even in tough times
  •   Remove the stress of money management from your life


Happyrich Story

Early on in my career I thought I could handle my own finances but with increase in work and income it became impossible. I decided to entrust my finances with Happyness Factory. Over the years I’ve come to trust Happyness Factory completely. Their attitude is not a cut and dry business attitude. I am happy, content and peaceful. No niggling doubts about my finances and no worries like “Am I doing the right thing?”
- Senior Paediatric Surgeon